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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Introducing The Active Engagement Movement in Education

Welcome to the Active Engagement Clearinghouse!

Active Engagement is a new movement in education. The active engagement leadership framework identifies 12 (now 16) layers of actively engaged leaders from the Educational Sector, Private Sector, and Public Sector. The focus is on one, single thing--improving student performance.

The Movement was launched officially on January 1, 2010, with an ambitious ten year goal to:

1) increase student performance (K-12) one grade letter across the board, and

2) reduce the dropout rate 50 percent by the year 2020.

Here is a working definition of Active Engagement:

"In a teaching and learning environment, active engagement is a way of thinking (strategy) and acting (tactics), where leaders at multiple levels share the same Mission, Vision, and Values to create an environment where students and others are expected to contribute their personal best, to increase student performance and retention."

The Active Engagement Movement Leadership Committee needs your help to research and document the "best practices" of active engagement from every layer, and throughout every group in the framework. The results will be a coordinated, highly effective effort to increase student performance, and reduce student dropouts to an acceptable level.


  1. Hey, great site. I look forward to seeing your ideas about improving the educational system.

  2. Ken,
    You have a great start here. I think you should include some initial research you have found or completed and some background information which you used to develop your new educational movement. That way, you will give it some real credibility.
    - Dave

  3. What you are doing is very complex. Bless you for this. One element I believe that must be included in your framework is the notion of a negotiated environment where teachers and students see themselves as learners. Teachers are responsive for creating a landscape that students can navigate to answer their own interesting questions. Teachers in this century need to model learning and information literacy skills as much as teach them. Teachers also need strong supportive networks because many teachers are not as use to using technology as their students.